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A Change Of Direction

A Statement In Action
"A controlled social 'encounter'"

'A Change in Direction' was a sight-specific piece that explored the notion of disorientation and re-establishing the strange in the familiar. I spent an average of 4 hours a day for 3 weeks in the Performance Centre lift at University College Falmouth. By the end of this time I was able to devise a controlled social 'encounter'. Taking inspiration from the jagged and Escher-like interior architecture I revisited how disorientating finding my bearings was to begin with when I was new to the building (something many people shared). Using inverted images and floor plans I would ask people upon entering the lift to find a picture I had hidden somewhere on the building and they must point to where it is on the inverted map. This was difficult for some and easier for others. Their reward was to spend some time with me in the lift, playing jenga (representing the architectural influence), twister (simply for disorientation's sake), or simply sitting on the sofa I had put in there. In doing this they were invited to 'get lost' in the lift, as after a while it became difficult to know or anticipate what floor we were on.

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