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Badly buttered toast, a fear of Falmouth, and elephants; depression leaves some strange things behind. Love is a neurotic checklist, sadness is all tied up with fear and dreams have a no-holds-barred policy.


Louise is packing her depression into boxes but needs to sift through the debris to make things finally fit. Why is Cornwall so scary? Why do the black balloon dogs keep following her? Why does she constantly need to pee? And why is spreading butter on toast such a big deal?


Raising awareness and challenging attitudes towards depression and mental health, Louise makes sense of her experiences and daily vices with some much needed help from David Attenborough and you, the audience.


Debris has been made in partnership with Leicester Partnership NHS Trust, Attenborough Arts Centre and funded by Arts Council England.


Debris (2016) 

Want to book Debris for your venue or festival? You can download the tour pack, or contact Louise directly.

Reviewers Hub

“An emotional rollercoaster for the audince - stunning!”


“Incredible. Simply incredible.”


“The best thing I’ve seen at the Attenborough Arts Centre!”


“Making depression fun!”


“Witty, funny, honest.”




“Moving, inspiring. Beautifully and cleverly put together.”


“When is it coming back to Leicester?!”

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