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This Intervention Is Testing Your Awareness


A 3-tier first year (BA theatre) site-specific performance piece inspired by local mythology. With 3 separate performances at 3 separate sites it was one of the most ambitious projects I have been involved in. The local Dartington myth tells that as the crusader knights of the 12th century were returning home, they tried to cross Staverton Ford, which had become swollen from the recent rains. When their armour dragged them and their horses down they were swept away by the river. It is said they are buried in the Old Graveyard at the site of the original parish church on the Dartington Estate, although there is no present day evidence to support this. Choosing the Ford, and the Graveyard for a live performance and a film, the third performance was located elsewhere on the estate, that had no connection to the other two - a clinical non-place was chosen to exhibit and examine the ways in which we had documented the Ford performance and the Graveyard film in an installation-come-durational performance.

The film from the Graveyard site. It plays with the notion of appearance and disappearance, what is hidden in plain sight, what was never there and what goes unnoticed. It was my first attempt at film making and the general quality of just about everything is pretty dire, but it was more about the art that the quality at the time.

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