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All This Debris coming soon to the Attenborough Arts Centre!

Feb 2016

Friday April 8th, 8pm,  £10 / £5 / Party of 4 £25

Buy tickets online here, or call AAC Box Office: 0116 252 2455


Formally The Smell Of Fear, I've been developing All This Debris since July 2015 with support from the Attenborough Arts Centre, and more recently Derby Theatre and Guerrilla Art Lab.My my it's been a lengthy development process but one that's definitely going to pay off! This is my first 'one woman' show and throughout it's development I've had to get around certain issues like: how do you have a conversation with another person when you're the only one on stage?


After showcasing a work-in-progress version at Derby Theatre's Scratch That Itch: Winter Warmer event, I gained some excellent feedback and a much needed confidence boost! Alongside writer and dramaturg, Matt Miller, I'm now well on my way making last developments and preparations for the full length showcase at the Attenborough Arts Centre on April 8th. It's been great fun and I've had a terrific team of people helping me. A special thank you goes out to Matt Miller, Priya Mistry, John Kirby, Ruby Glaskin, and everyone at the Guerrilla Art Lab but especially Rachel Parry for her tireless efforts. Finally a big thank you to Joe Horton for being at every showing and keeping me calm!


For teaser video, photos and more information follow this link:

GAL - Guerrilla Art Lab - Call Out For Artists

Feb 2016

In October 2015 I joined GAL. It's an exciting new venture run by local artists in Nottingham to facilitate new work and create a supportive structure for emerging artists.


Newly emerged in the centre of Nottingham, Guerrilla Art Lab is a collective of performance artists and theatre-makers who feel their practice doesn't quite fit existing pigeon-holes or categories that appeals so greatly to larger organisations. Going it alone and based out of a centrally located studio, GAL aims to experiment, develop, share, and support new performance work. In this coming year GAL aims to expand it's repertoire of artists, as well as set up an exciting programme of performance work, workshops, and initiatives. If you would like to get involved please contact Annette Foster or Rachel Parry via the GAL FaceBook page or website.

TheatreTrain and Arts Award

Jan 2016

I am now the drama teacher at TheatreTrain Nottingham having moved from the Newark centre in January! It's a great opportunity to train children and teenagers and prepare them for local, regional, and national shows! This year's show, The Seasons, will be showing at Bonnington Theatre, Arnold, on July 17th. More details to follow.


As of November I am now a qualified to deliver Bronze and Silver Arts Award projects! This is something I aim to implement alongside my work with the Guerrilla Art Lab.


Pandemoni-CON! SOLD OUT at the Nottingham Fringe!

Nov 2015

What an amazing night back in October (it seems so long ago now!) when we showcased Pandemoni-CON! down in the basement at Lee Rosy's Tearoom as part of Nottingham Fringe Festival. We couldn't have wished for a more excellent audience, nor could we have predicted it would have sold out like it did. The night was a complete success and I must extend my gratitude to my fantastic cast: Leigha-Jo Henson, Gary Berezin, Leila-Duffy Tetzlaff, and Andrew Barlow.


The aim for the future is to develop the show and tour it, and I'll be looking to do this sometime in Winter 2016/17. Keep your eyes peeled!If you want to try and spot yourself, feel free to take a look at all the pictures from the night on my Facebook page. Tag away!

1 October 2015

Pandemoni-CON! is coming to the Nottingham Fringe Festival!


Don't miss your chance to catch it! Only 24 tickets are available in this work-in-progress performance. Come and Play!


Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Nottingham
Oct 17th, 7-10pm.


Pandemoni-CON! is a participatory theatre event where the audience plays board games with the performers. But not all is quite right, the Game Master is a tyrant, the games are fixed, and the Game Lords are fed up and poised for rebellion!


Are you ready to play the game?

Send The Elevator Back Down...

August 2015

All Aboard the TheatreTrain!

After over a year at the Lakeside Arts Centre, sadly it was time to say goodbye and allow other directors to develop. But great news! I am now teaching drama alongside other talented music and dance tutors at TheatreTrain's Newark Centre! Term starts at the Newark Academy on Sept 19th!  

Directing at the Lakeside!
I have had a wonderful first 6 months of this year working as Director at both 14+ and 11-13yrs Youth Theatres at Nottingham Lakeside Arts. Although my time at the Lakeside has now come to an end, I am in discussions with the Education Team proposing a youth cast production of Pandemoni-CON! 


I am delighted to announce I have been expanding my workshop leading endeavours by working with Park Bench Theatre as the drama leader at the Target English International Summer School at the University of Nottingham this summer! It was a great experience and I even learnt some Italian! 


Click below to find out more about TheatreTrain and book your place at TheatreTrain Newark!


August 2015

Pandemoni-CON is a great example of 'third time lucky'! I was first inspired to create a theatre show based around board games (or more specifically, Monopoly) back in 2013, when still living in Cornwall. I even got so far as compiling a team of collaborators and rehearsals had begun! I then unexpectedly had to leave Cornwall, and that seemed to be that. However, In the winter of 2014 I decided I'd try again - this time with the help of some enthusiastic peers at the Nottingham New Theatre. However, a clash of commitments and some cast illnesses meant that attempt also fell flat. Finally, in May this year I decided to go for attempt no.3!

With a new project partner and some much needed sense knocked into me by a revered Nottingham director about the form and content of the show , I was ready to give it a final try!


This new version of the show is a live theatre production masquerading as a board game convention. The audience will be able to play games with the performers, however they quickly realise that all is not quite right. The Game Master is corrupt, the Game Lords are oppressed and poised for rebellion, and the audience players are but puppets in the greater game.
The show is meant to highlight the brutality and ruthlessness by which we treat people who are usually our friends and family when we play games together, and that never would we treat them that way outside of the game. For some reason, we are enthusiastically complicit in treating each other like this as soon as we are given permission to do so. 

Rehearsals have been taking place at the Nottingham Actors Studio, and the Lofthouse, who have been incredibly hospitable. With a new cast, a brand new iteration of the show. I have no doubts the show is going to be a great success!

You can take a sneak peak at what we have gotten up to in rehearsals by watching the video below: Rehearsals, Cheese Runs, and Brothels.

Get your tickets for the show at the Nottingham Fringe Now! Only 24 available!

Sat 17th Oct


Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Nottingham.


August 2015

Show no.1: The Smell of Fear

8 April, 2016


First things first - I have successfully applied to the Arts Council England for a G4A and I have been awarded my grant for this project!! Excellent stuff!In the Spring of this year I found myself presenting at the Curve in Leicester in order to get on to the Curve Breakthrough Companies programme. I knew I wasn't ready for the programme, but I applied anyway. After the presentations, the Curve came to the same conclusion I did - that I wasn't ready. However, Michaela Butter, Director at the Attenborough Arts Centre (formerly Embrace Arts), was on the presentation panel and decided I had some potential. So she invited me to create a new show in association with the Attenborough Arts Centre, and help my development as a theatre maker in the hope that I might reapply to the Curve next year, but this time, be ready for it.


The Smell Of Fear is a new performance project exploring the worries and fears felt after recovering from depression. Meant to raise awareness and challenge attitudes towards depression and mental health, the show will explore concepts such as media coverage and PR attitudes, as well as taking inspiration from my own experience and that of others. I'll be working with Bright Sparks, a mental health artistic support group at the Attenborough Art Centre in order to inform and influence the show.


For me, depression was a shadow in my life that I have managed to put behind me. But like a shadow, it stays with me, and is sharpest when the sun shines. In The Smell Of Fear I will be sharing why love is so scary, why for the time being, I cannot jeopardise the life I've built for it, and how sadness can smack me in the face by bringing up old emotions, like a familiar smell that digs up an old memory.


The Smell Of Fear is being created in partnership with Bright Sparks, the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, and Sane UK, with the support of the Attenborough Arts Centre, and will be featured in their Spring Programme 2016.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who have filled out my research questionnaire and shared their own experiences of depression with me already. 


If you would like to share your own experiences with depression in order to help me inform the show, please click here to complete a short questionnaire. 


The Birth of a Business…

August 2015

In October 2014 I decided to embark on a new chapter in my life and take my career into my own hands. I found myself signing up to the Real Creative Futuresprogramme (New Art Exchange). A programme set up to help kick-start creative businesses within Nottingham. As a member of the RCF programme, and with some extra help from the Princes Trust Enterprise programme, I had built a business model, and the funds to begin my business activities in January of this year.

My business model is: to create new and original devised theatre, to provide workshops and direct programmes for youth groups, and to explore consultancy and dramaturgy.

With the help of the RCF team I am now producing 2 new theatre works (below) and have been and continue to provide drama workshops at a youth level. 

As a result of my success in the past 8 months, I found myself featuring alongside other RCF participants in the East Midlands Business News, in an article celebrating the programme. 
Read it here.

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