Pandemoni-CON is a completely participatory theatre experience. In this live show masquerading as a board-game convention, the audience play games with the performers, however they quickly realise that all is not quite right. The Game Master is corrupt, the Game Lords are oppressed and poised for rebellion, and the audience players are but puppets in the greater game...


The show highlights the brutality we show friends and family when given permission to do so.

-Above: Pandemoni-CON! at the Nottingham Fringe Festival


About the Notttingham Fringe

"The Nottingham Fringe Festival is brand new annual celebration of independant and fringe arts that runs from 13 - 25 October 2015.


We are an open access festival which means that anyone who wishes to perform in an affiliated venue can register their show with us and benefit from the many perks that come from being part of this exciting festival!"



Take a look behind the scenes at the making of Pandemoni-CON in our 'making of' video: Pandemoni-CON! Rehearsals, Cheese Runs, and Brothels!