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Interested in aiding PhD Research?

Louise White needs people with playful minds who like to share stories to help her with her PhD Research into Presence and Online Performance. 

Would you like to explore the possibilities, opportunities and perhaps limitations of online performance? Would you like to take part in performance-based online focus groups on a periodic basis? Great! But what can you expect? You may be asked to take part in pre-performance activities designed to promote focus and engagement. You may be asked to share stories of your home, or your local area and why they are important and formative to you. We may explore each other’s objects, furniture, artwork that we can see in the background of each other’s’ screens. I have been experimenting with augmented reality technology, so we may have a play with how that can be used to merge our spaces and homes together. I may even ask you to help me decorate my new house! 

Whatever happens, you’ll need to come with curious spirit and a playful mind!  

For more information and how to apply, please download the participant information sheet.

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