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Nottingham Lakeside Arts Youth Theatre

"I thought it was relaxed and fun! - What a teacher/instructer should be!"

"I've learnt a lot about physical awareness! The sessions have taught me that drama is not just about voice acting."

"I really enjoyed the skill building sessions. They are always fun, new and interesting."

"Fun, engaging, and creative!"

"Louise is great! She teaches like she's one of us so it's really engaging and fun!"

"I've learnt how to perform in a way that works for the audience - always keeping them in mind - performing for them, not for me."

"Louise has a creative aproach to teaching and developing us as actors, which I feel really helps me and the rest of the group."

"I've been able to learn new skills such as how to change my appearance/persona, and improve my voice skills."

"She made it fun and kepts us busy and focused on the task at hand."

-Nottingham Lakeside Youth Theatre 14+ participants.


"Louise was a great director to work with. She gave clear and sensible instructions to me and the group and was a pleasure to work with. She is very organised and forward-thinking, and good at getting the best out of all our actors. I would be very happy to work with her again. She completely understood the needs of the group and created a fun environment that they wanted to emmerse themselves in every week."

-Nottingham Lakeside Youth Theatre 14+ Assistant.


“Louise has been an asset to Lakeside Youth Theatre team; she approached the project with our 14+ Youth Theatre with enthusiasm, energy and ideas. I have been really impressed by the quality of her work not just with the performances; by the way she researched and planned the sessions.

The subject of film noir went down a storm with the young people, they loved exploring and research new techniques and developing new skills. Their shows were funny, slick and very entertaining.

It was particularly rewarding to see the progression and development of the young people in Louise’s group. At the completion of the residency they demonstrated enormous confidence while performing as well as evidently enjoying the experience that they had had. It was a great pleasure to watch the show.

Thank you for your inspiring, fun creative residency!

-Rachel Feneley Learning office at Nottingham Lakeside Arts



"Louise instantly struck me as an extremely positive, motivated and committed person. Her inspiring approach resulted in her taking a lead role as the facilitator for the student engagement on our performance piece 3x3. If it had not been for Louise's tireless engagement and enthusiasm on this project, rallying and recruiting her theatre peers, I do not believe the project would have succeeded in its aims. As it was it was a great success and enjoyed substantial audiences on the opening weekend including the Director of Hall for Cornwall.


I can say without any doubt that she will make an outstanding contribution to any team or project that she works on and she will not fail to deliver work to a very high quality."


Lesley-Ann Eaton- Keen

Community Projects Producer

Theatre Royal Plymouth

Target English International Summer School - Workshop Leading


"Louise has worked extremely well this summer at Target English International and the drama sessions she ran were extremely popular with students and group leaders. She put a lot of planning and effort into her sessions and great care and consideration was given to vocabulary, expression and pronunciation. Furthermore, The sessions were really fun and many students came back on a regular basis.

I would recommend Louise for any future work in this field as she is really hard working and reliable."


-John Paul Mercer

Target English

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