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The 100m Sprint


When Tumbling Hat Theatre (Myself, Jessamy Lambert, Rachel Gibbens), formed the idea that first brought us together was the notion of running out of time and that this would be our final project at university. We knew we wanted to bring in elements of autobiographical material as well as making it fun and entertaining, with a clear narrative thread. Taking the theme of running we had the intention to explore exhaustion and constantly being late. It wasn’t until we remembered that this is the London Olympic year that we realized that not only could we develop the sporting connection with running, but that we could make a performance that was highly relevant to the wider context of celebrating this huge event. Quite coincidentally, the Cluster Bomb Collective were running a 3 day workshop on running in performance as we were working on this piece, which became very beneficial to contributing towards some of the content, but also how we approached rehearsals in term of warming up and experimentation. Competition is a major theme throughout sport and so it became a vital theme within the piece, and our characters were pitted against each other. We showed this through the acting out of a 100m sprint, which would appear at the beginning of the piece and then would become a recurring theme throughout, punctuating key moments in the performance. Youtube would become a vital source of research and inspiration for habitual movement of sports people, sports commentary, running drills and training regimes, and extraordinary examples of sporting achievements.   

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