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The Big Unknown

A 10 week youth theatre project at the Lakeside Arts Centre
Jan - March 2015
“Big Ed’s operation was like a sewer. And I was going to lift the manhole cover.”

An exciting adventure into the world of shadow theatre! Taking influence from film noir, the young performers created their own show, hiding from the law, catching the gangsters, deceiving the detectives, and solving the crime! 


The 10 week programme built on skills, confidence, and explored a variety of techniques such as recreating iconic images, shadow conversations through demonstrative techniques, working with scale and distance, creating shapes, as well as hand and shadow puppets. 


In addition to practical skill development, we also focused on critical analysis and evaluating each others work through discussion, and games. 


"“The subject of film noir went down a storm with the young people, they loved exploring and research new techniques and developing new skills. Their shows were funny, slick and very entertaining."

-Rachel Feneley, Learning Officer at Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre




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