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Louise has lost her sense of adventure. Her days consist of observing a jellyfish named Barry. While Barry has his charms, and the research Louise is doing is very important, it’s not where her heart lies. What she would really love to do is journey to the deep ocean, if only she wasn’t so afraid of the water!


As a child she wanted to be a great ocean explorer and liked nothing more than to go on adventures with her best friend, Reggie the Turtle! 


But why is Louise so afraid of the Ocean? As she embarks on a mission to the deep, tragedy strikes and her life and childhood dreams hang in the balance. Will she make her way back to the surface? Will she conquer her fear of the sea? Join Louise on her journey as she explores the ocean depths. With a mix of light humour, adventure and plenty of peril; Louise faces plenty of challenges as she pursues her dreams below the waves.


Washed Up is a performance suitable for all, looking to get young teens and their families excited about saving our planet and looking towards the future. It is made with support from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and Arts Council England.

Fri 2nd Aug, 2019


Old Library, Mansfield

Poster Illustration by Maria Terry

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